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At Coburn Pressworks, we have a dedicated art department to assist with all your artwork needs. Our team has over 25 years of design and printing experience. With this type of know-how, we can make your custom labels a work of art. We’re here to turn your vision into a reality!


Do you have an idea, a napkin sketch, or does your current design need to be refreshed? If so, it’s not a problem. Let us review your request, and we’ll be able to offer ideas and suggestions that fit your needs and budget. We want your custom labels to be an extension of your current marketing efforts and help you create brand awareness.


Do you have an artist or designer on staff?  If so, let us work with them directly.   We will be able to point out potential issues and concerns we may have regarding your artwork. This collaboration will save time and speed up the proofing and production processes.  You can also view our art specifications for more information.


If your art work is ready to go, we offer a couple of ways to upload your art files to us.  One way is to use our Art upload page on our website. This is a link in our footer of our website or you can find that page at www.coburnpressworks.com/art-upload/  An additional way to submit your artwork is via email at info@coburn.com.   Please, be aware, that if your files exceed 10 MB, they’re rejected.  It’s nothing personal; it’s our email server limits.  Once our art department receives your files they will review your artwork and start the proofing process.

Material Types

Learn more about our material here.

Our Process

Learn more about our process here.

Have a question about artwork?

If you have a specific question about your artwork, reach out to us.  We’d be glad to chat via email or phone.

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We continually strive to help you succeed by providing the highest quality labels. If you have a need or an idea for a product, give us a call or email us. Let's work on a solution together.

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