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Are you looking for your label to be different from the standard rectangle? If so, we have an option for you; the process is called cutting. We can take any printed mattress label, pillow labels, furniture labels, hang tags and cut them into a unique shape. We currently have over 100 dies in-house to choose from, but we can also create a custom die for you.  Interested to see our die shapes?  If so, take a look at our die shape catalog


A die shapes created from a few components, steel, wood, and rubber. Your custom shapes made from sharpened steel which is bent and then placed into a wooden base. This wooden base is .625″ thick and holds the steel rule used for cutting. Around the steel rule are rubber pads. These pads ensure that the steel rule blade will not be crushed in the machine and holds your printed label stock in place while cutting.


We have an in-house art department that can work with you on building your die shape. We can take your existing label design or help create a new one from scratch. On your artwork proof, we’ll call out the die shape for approval. Once approved, we will create the die while your job is printing.

Have a question about Die Cutting?

If you have a question about our existing dies or custom die cutting, reach out to us.  We’d be glad to chat via email or phone.

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